He Draws A Chalk Line Against A Crack In The Wall – I Had No Idea This Would Work!

So you are an adult now and you just dont use chalk anymore, right? Chalk is for children and you have outgrown its uses. Well, what you are about to see will all but guarantee that your mind will change, and you will be asking your child if you can borrow some of his chalk!


Nail Whitener

This can actually work better than a file for dislodging dirt and getting better looking nails. Once you rinse off the chalk dust your nails will have a french tip to them. You can also use a pencil sharpener to give your chalk the necessary point to it to make it easier for application.


Sticky Keys

If your keys continually get stuck or jammed in the door lock, then its time for some chalk therapy! Just rub some chalk on the outer edges of your key and youll have smooth entry and exit.


Remove Grease Stains

If you got grease on your favorite shirt, then break out your chalk, rub a bit on the grease mark, then give it about 10 minutes. Then toss the shirt into the washing machine and your grease should be lifted and gone!


Hide Water Stains

Water stains caused by a leaking roof can leave unsightly brown marks on the ceiling. Rub chalk over the stains until a proper paint job can be completed.


Shining Silver

Tarnished silver is very common but if you wrap a little bit of chalk in some cheesecloth, then store it away, then this is going to help absorb moisture and avoid the tarnish look from transpiring.


Fresh Smelling Closets And Hampers

Put a bundle of chalk in your closet, dresser drawers, and hampers. It will help absorb icky odors. Use these cute organza bags tostore them!

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Confuse Those Pesky Ants

Ants do not like walking over chalk! They will avoid it at all costs, making this the perfect way to block their path and even confuse their scent trail as well.


Prevent Rust

While weve seen that chalk is indeed an absorbent mineral, its ability to prevent rust from forming is excellent. Take the classic rusty toolbox. You can prevent that rust from forming in toolboxes by spreading a few chalk pieces inside the box. Tools will be all dry when you open up the box.


Kids Safety Zone

Of course the main use of chalk is using it to draw. You can easily create a kid safety zone which will remind them of the areas they need to avoid. Simply draw a circle and make the kids aware that they are not to enter the circle without a parent because of how dangerous it is.


Slippery Screws

Just rub some chalk on a screwdriver tip and this will prevent those annoying slips when you are removing a screw!


Make More!

You will eventually end up with a tiny stub of chalk the more you use it. Dont throw it away! While its not a seed that you can plant in the ground and more will grow, you can crush some pieces in a bowl, mix with water, and pour the mixture into a mold of some sort. Kids will greatly enjoy playing with this kind of recycled chalk toy!


Watch as these ants go crazy when chalk gets in their way.

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