Napoleon PRO Carving &Cutting Board

<h1>Napoleon PRO Carving &Cutting Board</h1>
Napoleon PRO Carving &Cutting Board is made from Bamboo, which is a top choice for environmental-conscious people. Bamboo is hard grass that is a sustainable renewable source, which needs no chemicals so grow or be harvested. It absorbs less liquid as compared to the wooden boards. However, bamboo is quite hard, which makes it harder on your knives and small grooves can slightly catch your knife and thereby interrupting smooth cutting action.
<h2>Napoleon PRO Carving &Cutting Board Features</h2>
Low maintenance. You should note that plastic cutting boards are good for occasional use. However, the majority of chefs like using wood due to its pliable surface, longevity, and natural anti-microbial properties. The fact that this board is made from teak means that it does not need regular oiling to prevent it from drying.
Durability. It is a well-known fact that wooden cutting boards last longer as compared to the plastic cutting boards. This is because it is cutting board is made from the edge-grain wood, which has a parallel construction that minimizes twisting, buckling, and bending.
Design. It is true style may not be an important consideration when looking for a cutting board. However, consider the manner it sits in your kitchen. You will realize that this teak cutting board is one that you will not want to put away.
Large size
Made of bamboo
<h3>Napoleon PRO Carving &Cutting Board Review</h3>One of the recent customers that purchased the Napoleon PRO Carving &Cutting Board said, “Absolutely love this cutting board. Bamboo really works well as a barrier for the grease. It stands up well against very sharp knives. It is very light for a cutting board of its size.”
Napoleon PRO Carving &Cutting Board is highly rated by different users on the market. This is attributed to its elegant style and durability.

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